Welcome to Warm Silence Software's Web site.

Latest News: Most of this website has been restored from an (aged) backup after a crash, so please report any problems etc.

Warm Silence Software is a trading name of Pinknoise Productions Ltd.

We are a small development house specialising in software for ARM based systems, rooted historically in Acorn RISC OS machines, Set Top Boxes and Network Computers. We have a strong background in Internet, multimedia and performance critical systems, and are available for contract work at very reasonable rates. More information on a selection of the projects we have worked on is available here.

We also sell a range of software for Acorn RISC OS machines, developed both in house and by outside developers.

If you are a customer of ours, then please read about our revised Upgrade policy.

Rather than tie these pages to the capabilities of any one browser we have tried to keep them simple. This site is (and will remain) free from frames. Tables however are used for structuring.

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